J.R. Jamison’s memoir Hillbilly Queer manages a rare feat in contemporary American writing. Jamison, a product of Cowan, Indiana who grew up with…

June 2022

I wish I knew how to handle writing about this with a touch light enough that my handful of friends and acquaintances and friends’ family members who’ve…
Hi folks. Here's something I wrote awhile back about writing poetry that made it online…
a brief review

May 2022

Syracuse, IN author soars in collected vignettes-as-novel
The babies usually come down the hallway while class is in session. I’ll be here in my corner of the square of hallways that is the English department…

April 2022

This is a quick note to “misconstrued prophesies” subscribers to let all know that I’m leading a poetry workshop independent of K-12 teaching for the…

March 2022

An exceptionally warm day in early March brightens the average Hoosier like any bona-fide spiritual experience would. That, or it might help one of us…
something something Jesus something
of a poem from Unacknowledged Legislations

February 2022

I erase myself
a 3 poem sample